Shape It

The "Shape It" magazine was created to promote some of the most innovative and reliable solutions in the cutting tools industry of the world. Every six months, we will have a new edition, with news, technical information, technology, customer reports, success stories and miscellaneous items.The magazines are available online or for download in PDF format. You must have Acrobat Reader installed in order to view it.
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5th Edition (2018 - 1st Half)

In this edition:

  • - Tool Presetter: The Measure of Success
  • - Special Interview with President of GROB
  • - Revolutionary 1-Pass Thread Mill AT-1
  • - Global Customer Reports

4th Edition (2017 - 2nd Half)

3rd Edition (2017 - 1st Half)

2nd Edition (2016 - 2nd Half)

1st Edition (2016 - 1st Half)