Sectors Served

OSG is proud to be a supplier with the complete solution for tools. We are determined in achieve the continuous growth, contributing to the advancement of industries around the world. Having the support and trust of our customers has always been our commitment. Through our know-how, high technology and service excellence, we offer products and services of high quality to our customers, for this reason "Believe in OSG".

Automotive Industry:

OSG knows what is expect from the Automotive Industry. Reliable delivery, consistent quality and tools designs that increase productivity are the keys to success in the Automotive Industry.

Wind Mill Energy:

Recycleable energy is a big global agenda. Needless to say, their parts are just as a big and consequently very expensive. Reduce any risk of part damage by applying OSG’s cutting edge Taps and Drills.

Oil & Gas Industry:

The Oil and Gas Industry is growing, and each day brings new challenges, the OSG is ready to face them. We develop tools with specific sizes and geometry for this segment.

Aerospace Industry:

The Aerospace Industry’s mission is to manufacture more environmentally progressive, longer-range and faster aircrafts that require lower operating costs. OSG’s cutting tools share the same mission.

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